Apple Vision Pro Latest Review

Hello everyone, today I will review the Apple Vision Pro. I will share its features and disadvantages. Let’s get started!

About Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, the latest and most advanced gadget, has recently been released and is only available in countries like the USA and Dubai. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in India. The cost of this gadget is around $3000, which is quite expensive. However, the total build cost of the Apple Vision Pro is around $1000, so the price may decrease after newer, more advanced versions are released. I find it to be an amazing gadget and will share my detailed review below.

Features of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro has several features, but it also has some disadvantages. Let’s start with the features. It offers a home theater 5k cinema experience, which is the best experience I have ever felt. We can pin apps on our rooms and everywhere, and the headband is a super item that I liked very much. It’s simple, smooth, and a premium item.

Disadvantages of Apple Vision Pro

There are several disadvantages to this product. Firstly, it only has a 2-hour battery backup. Additionally, when using it and walking around, we appear awkward, resembling an alien. Furthermore, it weighs 650 grams, making it uncomfortable to wear on our heads for extended periods; it feels heavy after some time. The visual representation of the outer surroundings in VR appears unrealistic, and when moving the head to the side, it goes out of focus, diminishing the overall visual experience. There is a need for improvement in this regard. I do not recommend this product to anyone because more advanced options will likely be available soon. If you are an Apple fan, you may consider purchasing this or waiting for the next-generation item. However, it is not useful for everyone.


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