Report from Ukraine the Russian army suffered 
losses of 17 200 Personnel 127 planes 129  

helicopters and 597 tanks information regarding 
the losses suffered by the Russian army between  

February 24 and March 29 were released by the 
Ukrainian General’s tab as a result 58 air  

defense system 127 aircraft 129 helicopters 597 
tanks 1710 armored Wickers 303 artillery 96 rocket  

launches and 17 200 men from the Russian army 
fighting Ukraine were killed additionally 1178  

Wickers seven ships light speed boats 73 field 
tracks and 71 unmanned aerial weaker were lost  

by the Russian forces, how did Russia lose Ukraine 
did Russia withdraw from Ukraine should it take  

control of Ukraine did Russia bomb Ukraine where 
did Russia lose its tank who lost their life