gun attack at california

California suffers a major gun attack which kills 5 innocent people include a police man

You don’t expect anything like this nobody
expects this it’s a community where neighbors say everyone is friendly and
keeps to themselves but last night

deputies responded to a home on Bobo drive around
7 45. inside five people were found shot each in different rooms the
coroner says no one was related to

one another and no children were involved a person
who identified themselves as a family members one of the
potential victims said a neighbor found

the scene and called 9-1-1 I come here and it’s
police everywhere and detectives and that’s they told us about the

 Spartanburg County coroner Rusty Clevenger has identified 37 year old

Thomas Ellis Anderson AND Adam Daniel Morley and 59-year-old Mark Allen

Hewitt as three of the five victims all three were found dead in the home and

Clevenger says justice will be served they’re all hands on deck everybody is

working hard on this so public needs to understand this may be shocking but the sheriff and his men

prosecutors office my folks we’re going to stay with till till this gets solved Willa says it might be too late

for their a quiet neighborhood like they say when stuff gets to more building More Money in the area

that’s another thing that  worry about living back here in this area

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